Tuition - The Cradle Club | Child & Daycare In Maple Grove, Downtown, Edina, MN
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Tuition Rates

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Tuition Policies:


1. All schedules must be fixed and prearranged. To make a permanent change to your child’s weekly schedule a written two week notice is required.


2. A half day is recognized as attendance for the morning with a four hour maximum stay.


3. A $100 registration fee is required for each child. Special registration fees may apply in conjunction with advertised promotions.


4. Tuition payments are due weekly the first day a child attends. Arrangements to prepay biweekly or monthly may be arranged.


5. Failure to pay promptly results in a late fee. Late fees of $5 per day are added to accounts paid after the scheduled tuition day.


6. Payment is required whether your child is in attendance or absent since membership is held open. There are no refunds or “make-ups” due to illness, holidays or vacations.


7. A 10% multiple child discount is available for the oldest child from the same family. If a family has three or more children attending, the oldest child receives a 15% discount, youngest tuition is regular and middle child or children receive a 10% discount.


8. After one year of enrollment, each child is eligible for one week of vacation. Parents must notify the Director of the time off two weeks in advance for the one week tuition credit. The child may not attend during the vacation week nor can the week be split.


9. All returned checks are subject to maximum amount charged by law.


10. A two week written notice is required prior to a child’s leaving the center. Tuition is required for two weeks after a child leaves if no notice is given.


11. Printed fees are subject to change with a 30 day written notice.


12. Weekly, monthly and/or yearly tuition receipts are available upon request.


13. Monthly field trip and enrichment class fees may be paid along with tuition or with a separate check or money order. No cash is accepted.


14. Your Center Director welcomes any questions you may have.