Infants - The Cradle Club | Child & Daycare In Maple Grove, Downtown, Edina, MN
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Welcome to Our Infant Program!

It is here that you will find peace of mind when placing your youngest treasure in the care of another.  Our infant teachers are diligent in providing the best care and relationships for you and your little one. With extensive parent communication including pictures sent to you of your little one playing or making a work of art, you will be able to go to work with confidence that your child is in the loving arms of one of our fabulous teachers.  


Our Classrooms:

Our infant program has multiple classrooms divided by age groups to best meet specific developmental milestones, ensure safety for our younger babies, and to provide appropriate classroom set up for our movers and crawlers. This also allows our staff to become better specialized with the age range they are working with. It also allows our teachers to prepare our oldest infants for Toddlers! Our classrooms provide a “Home Away from Home” atmosphere to ensure our babies are comfortable and relaxed in their daily environment.


Our Amazing Teachers:

Many of our teachers in the infant program have had many years of experience taking care of little ones. Many are even mother’s themselves. They have seen it all and are well prepared to take excellent care of your precious child, no matter what their needs may be. Our teachers have a genuine heart for babies and love lovin’ on little ones every day!


Learning through Play and Exploration!

Along with diaper changes, bottles and naps, your child will be busy learning and achieving developmental milestones while in our care. Our teachers plan curriculum every month for even our youngest of learners. Each month you will receive a curriculum calendar and newsletter put together by our wonderful infant team. The curriculum is weekly theme based and includes activities in all areas of development. Our curriculum consists of:

  • Art
  • Stories
  • Music
  • Developmental Appropriate Practices – rolling over, sitting up, tummy time, etc.
  • Sensory
  • Fine Motor
  • Gross Motor
  • Spanish
  • Sign Language

All of the monthly newsletters and curriculum calendars can be found in each classroom on the Parent Board and are also emailed to our parents along with a newsletter from the Director Team. They are also located on this website in the “Parent Place” section.


Parent Communication:

The Cradle Club highly values communication with our parents. We also value the time our staff have with our children vs. the time they spend documenting daily activities. With that in mind we have chosen not to incorporate technology in our daily documentation. We are always available via email and phone if our parents have any questions. The Cradle Club also has an open door policy that encourages our parents to stop in to observe or participate in a special activity or event with their child. We know it is not always easy to leave your precious children in the care of others, so we encourage parents to call or email to receive an update from our directors and/or teachers. Our teachers also enjoy taking photos and videos of our adorable children participating in fun activities to share with parents via email from our directors. In our infant program parents receive a daily sheet that includes diaper changes, bottles, food, naps and activities done throughout the day. Our infant teachers hold conferences with parents when their child moves up to the next classroom to share all of the developmental milestones the infant has achieved. The conference also provides you with the opportunity to see the next classroom and meet your child’s new teachers! 



The Cradle Club provides a healthy, safe, and therapeutic environment for infants six weeks through fifteen months. Even though total numbers of infants may vary from day-to-day, our rule is always one excellent staff member to four delightful babies. Our staff work together as a family in order to provide each and every child with the care they need.


The Cradle Club entitles your baby to…

  • Hugs whenever needed
  • Bottles and food served with a smile
  • Diapers checked every two hours
  • A warm, clean crib when drowsy
  • Prompt attention when waking
  • Fun toys, music, and playmates
  • Books read, songs sung, dances to dance and stroller rides
  • Baby sign language
  • A happy and safe home away from home!


Infant Schedules:

At The Cradle Club, every infant is a unique and wonderful little person. We respect uniqueness and that is why every infant is on their own personalized schedule. It is extremely important for parents to be involved in their infant’s daily routine at The Cradle Club. Parents should meet with the Infant Teacher and discuss and plan their child’s day. The infant staff is well trained to meet each baby’s different needs throughout the day including annual training in the prevention of SIDS and Abusive Head Trauma. Teachers are also certified in pediatric First Aid and CPR. Our staff understand the importance of individualized care for each and every baby. Over the years parents report they enjoy worry-free work days and happy babies! To hear testimonies from some of those happy infant parents click here!