Our creative, customized curriculum

Research shows that young children learn best when they have warm, engaging, and responsive relationships with caregivers, which is why one of the most important goals of our curriculum is to connect with every child’s heart and mind. Our teachers see children as valued individuals and utilize knowledge of their needs to create customized educational experiences that strengthen their foundation and ignite a lifelong love of learning in every child’s heart.

Core components

We provide our teachers with extensive, ongoing training in early childhood best practices and empower them to create quality curriculum that compliments the developmental needs, interests and learning styles of the children in their classrooms. Through the exploration of exciting weekly themes, children experience a balanced approach to learning that encompasses interconnected activities across important developmental domains.

Communication and Language
Fine Motor Skills
Gross Motor Development
Sensory Exploration
Social and Emotional Learning
Creative Arts
Cognitive Skill Development

Why theme-based learning?

Our Approach

Theme-based learning has immeasurable benefits for children of all ages, especially those in early childhood. When learning is theme-based, children learn to see how information and ideas connect across content areas and are able to draw deeper meaning from their learning. A deeper understanding develops a devotion to learning that lasts a lifetime!

Our approach to curriculum is ROOTED in standards of early childhood excellence, GUIDED by current best practices and INSPIRED by a passion for creativity and a commitment to a customized, compassionate education.

Exciting, Educational


Designed specifically to further support development, our enrichment programs proudly promote every child’s physical, social and emotional well-being.

Spanish Splash

Designed specifically to further support development, our enrichment programs proudly promote every child’s physical, social and emotional well-being.

Fun with Fitness

Your child will improve his/her coordination and develop healthy habits through a variety of physical fitness activities!

Character Building

Positive character qualities build the foundation for children to become happy, healthy adults. Our Monthly themes will instill kindness and wisdom into your child’s heart and mind, enabling them to thrive!

Sign Language

Infants And Toddlers in our care learn practical sign language to aid them in communicating important needs to their caregivers.


Our music program will guide your child through a wide variety of musical activities that enhance memory and learning. Research shows that through singing, dancing and playing instruments, your child’s capacity for learning will grow!

Educational Field Trips

Our extensive variety of on and off-site field trips encourage socialization and provide your child with new experiences. From puppet shows to petting zoos, your child will love exploring their world with us!

Out of an abundance of caution, this program has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.