Philosophy - The Cradle Club | Child & Daycare In Maple Grove, Downtown, Edina, MN
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Philosophy: “Laughter, Learning & Love!”


The Cradle Club, Inc. is a privately owned child care corporation designed with excellence in mind.


We believe that EVERY CHILD NEEDS…

…to feel loved and wanted.

…to know that the people near them truly care about them as unique and special children.

…the security of a safe environment.

…to trust that parents and other protective adults will be there in times of need.

…to believe they are always accepted for themselves, not only when their behavior meets certain standards.

…to be challenged to grow and develop individually.

…to know that there are limits, and that they will be held to those limits by those with responsibility.

…to have friendly guidance to learn to deal effectively with others.

…to be encouraged to try new things, to grow, and to find confidence in themselves and their ability to do things with growing independence.


Based upon these beliefs, The Cradle Club’s philosophy then becomes simple. Every child needs LOVE, SECURITY, ACCEPTANCE, CONTROL, GUIDANCE AND PROTECTION.   Our staff will provide this in partnership with each child’s parent so as to follow the best care and educational plan for each individual child.

Our goals are…

1). To provide each child with security and the opportunity to develop through exploration and education in a loving, safe, therapeutic and stimulating environment.

2). To clearly understand the values important to every parent and to ensure the best possible care and education for each child.

3). To guarantee quality childcare services for children through the employment of only those applicants that exhibit sensitivity, maturity and an identifiable love for children.

4). To bring extravagant laughter, learning and love to all of our children on a daily basis!


The Cradle Club creates and presents age-appropriate curriculum that is well planned, challenging, inspiring and promotes positive outcomes for all the children in our care. We have a reverence for the lives we touch by the decisions we make and the lessons and services we provide each day. We seek to serve our employees and our families by establishing a work environment and company policies that build character, strengthen individuals, and nurture families.


Our Teachers:

    • Provide a safe and child-friendly environment
    • Implement age-appropriate activities
    • Use educational themes
    • Encourage safe participation in a group setting
    • Provide safe help from adults when needed
    • Encourage self-regulation skills among the children
    • Encourage friendships between class mates
    • Promote participation in physical exercise, music, art, science, language learning and positive character traits
    • Set up balanced classrooms; with large muscle and fine motor opportunities
    • Teach beginning reading & writing skills
    • Encourage a love of learning