Pre-K - The Cradle Club | Child & Daycare In Maple Grove, Downtown, Edina, MN
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Welcome To Our Preschool Program:

The Cradle Club’s Preschool Program is based upon the belief that preschoolers need a stimulating atmosphere in which to grow. Preschool children are excited about learning, and learn best through playful interaction with their environment. Our Preschool Program actively engages all aspects of each child’s development; physical, cognitive, language, social, and emotional. Our creative, educational, and socially fun curriculum will enable Preschoolers to expand their imaginations, develop their potential, & relate well with others.



Our Preschool department is divided into Young Preschool and Pre-K classrooms. This allows our young preschool teachers the ability to help our children learn what it is like to be a preschooler and it gives our pre-k teachers the ability to focus on kindergarten readiness. Each classroom has several activities “centers” around the room covering a variety of skills. The children rotate from one activity to another so they have the opportunity to experience each center. Each activity relates to the theme of the week and is designed to exercise different developmental areas. Some of the centers incorporate self-directed activities and some will provide teacher-directed small groups. All centers are carefully monitored.



Our preschool program is strongly anchored in the hands of our seasoned preschool teachers. These wonderful teachers have a passion for excellence and kindergarten readiness. They strive to give our preschoolers the abilities necessary to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond. Some of our children are even reading before they get to Kindergarten!



Our formal Preschool Program takes place each day in the morning between 9:00 & 11:00am with a coordinating activity planned for every afternoon. Each week’s lesson plans are carefully designed by our teachers to incorporate activities that teach concepts in several different areas. These activities are based on the theme of the week, vary among the classrooms and are adapted for age-appropriateness. We ensure that all major developmental areas are engaged.  Cradle Club teachers keep our children physically active with our “Fun with Fitness” program, growing in good character qualities with our Character Building curriculum and The Cradle Club’s “Spanish Splash” curriculum helps children learn and speak many Spanish words and phrases. The lesson plan for the week will be posted in your child’s classroom and includes activities for:

  • Circle Time
  • Cognitive Development
  • Gross Motor
  • Dramatic Play
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Afternoon Activities.

All of the monthly newsletters and curriculum calendars are posted in each classroom on the Parent Board and are also emailed to our parents along with our monthly Director’s Letter. They are also located on this website in the “Parent Place.”


Parent Communication:

The Cradle Club highly values communication with our parents. We also value the time our staff have with our children vs. the time they spend documenting daily activities. With that in mind we have chosen not to incorporate technology in our daily documentation. We are always available via email and phone if our parents have any questions. The Cradle Club also has an open door policy that encourages our parents to visit any time.  We know it is not always easy to leave your precious children in the care of others, so we encourage parents to call or email any time they would like to receive an update from our directors and/or teachers. Our teachers also enjoy taking photos and videos of our adorable children participating in fun activities to share with parents via email from our directors. At the end of the day our preschool parents receive a daily card that shares information about their child’s day such as what they ate, how they slept at nap time and a fun note about what their child enjoyed doing at school. Parents also may attend conferences with their child’s teacher twice a year and upon request. For testimonies on the fantastic success of our kindergarten readiness curriculum, click here!