Testimonials - The Cradle Club | Child & Daycare In Maple Grove, Downtown, Edina, MN
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Parent Testimonials


Here is what parents have to say about

The Cradle Club

“Luca and Tessa were both at The Cradle Club Downtown from 12 weeks until they both headed off to kindergarten. We enjoyed all their time spent at the center, from the environment to all of the love and support they received from the administration and teachers.  As one of our children needed some assistance with dealing with behavioral issues, The Cradle Club helped us find the resources that got our child and family through all of that. Our children entered kindergarten more than ready socially and academically to be great successes. The Cradle Club was a wonderful experience for our entire family. Becoming part of The Cradle Club family was a terrific choice for us.” -The Magnan Family

“I would like to thank all of the teachers at The Cradle Club! Over the last 4 years, I have always felt so safe dropping Belle off, knowing that she is in good hands and is being taught at the highest level. I have enjoyed each and every room Belle has been in and the enthusiastic teachers in each room. Her teachers are always welcoming each child and parent with a huge smile and have a positive story about Belle at the end of the day. Special thanks to the ones that had to put up with Belle acting like a dog 🙂 Truly, it’s an amazing group of people who will always hold a special place in our hearts as everyone there has helped shape Belle into the wonderful little girl she is today.” -The Bookey Family

“I tell other people that our daughter is so smart, awesome and funny not because of us but because of her teachers at The Cradle Club. No really, I do… Thank you for wiping her nose, her bottom and her tears; for teaching her to be a good friend and to have a good heart, and teaching her to say “no thank you” when someone is in her personal space.  You have no idea what it means that Zoey is excited to go to school in the morning. They say that a child is “formed” by the time they are 3-4 years old.  We are happy to put that job in any of your hands.  You always make us feel like our child is the only you care for each day. Thank you for being such great role models. We’re jealous you get to spend more hours a week with our girl than we do! Enjoy her and thank you!” -The Nelson Family

“From the infant room to preschool, we have experienced it all and feel extremely fortunate for the great attention our children receive at The Cradle Club. All of the staff, including the Directors, go above and beyond to not only watch over our kids, but care for them too. We are always amazed by the planning that goes into each and every day. The combination of the curriculum, art projects, time outside & fieldtrips, in addition to the compassionate staff, have allowed our children to grow into more well-rounded, independent little people ready to take on each new step that lies ahead of them. To ALL of you, THANK YOU!” -The Grindell Family

“We would like to thank ALL the teachers/staff for putting in so much time, patience and energy to make sure our little one’s are set up for success when they leave the Cradle Club program!  Our son is currently in his final year at CC and thriving! He recently attended an early childhood development screening, a requirement before entering kindergarten, and scored a 64…we were told one needs a 32 to pass. We can’t help but attribute this score to what he’s learned in the CC classrooms. As parents we’re thrilled and beyond excited to share this news with his teachers! We’ve watched him grow and develop so much from the time he started in the young toddler program. His little sister will follow suit starting in November and we have high hopes that she’ll have the same experience at Cradle Club. Thank You!”  -The Stinson Family