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Since 1986, we’ve made it our mission to make a difference in the lives of families by creating a place where children feel as much love and care each day with us as they do with you at home. Our unparalleled approach to early childhood education places nurturing, responsive relationships at the heart of everything we do in order to surround learning with the love and laughter every child needs to grow!

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We could not be happier...

“Our daughter has attended the downtown Minneapolis location of the Cradle Club since April 2017, when she was just 3 months old. We could not be happier with the care she’s received for the past 3+ years. She is thriving, and while we would like to take a little credit as parents, we know her wonderful teachers have played a tremendous role in her development. They supported our family through sleep struggles during the infant years; patiently worked with us during toddler tantrums and potty training; and continue to provide excellent child care and education for our preschooler. It takes a village, and we are so blessed to have the Cradle Club as part of ours!”

–The Hansen Family